Wedding Coordinator| Wedding Manager| Wedding Organizer

Wedding Coordinator| Wedding Manager| Wedding Organizer

With almost 20 years of combined work experience in hospitality and wedding industry across GCC, US and India, we assure that you're in safe hands for a zero stress wedding day. 

Bride Aides Wedding Coordinators are here to fill up the service gap that the hotel and wedding venue cannot extend to you. Also, your wedding planner has many others work on the wedding day, they may or may not be able to handle the planning and organizing.  It's worth asking your planner as coordinations are not 'default service' you receive. Have a peace of mind and receive pre-wedding and on-the-day coordination.

As your wedding organizer or manager, let us receive those pre-wedding thousand calls, handle and give instructions to wedding vendors and suppliers, communicate any last minute changes and forward the final work for your approval.

Your wedding manager will communicate, handle and check the overall  work of the wedding day. Below mentioned are some of the main responsibilities :-

  • All the work and progress in the wedding hall
  • Sound and light check and other equipments related to the program
  • Communicate with vendors and give you live updates promptly
  • Follow up and receive all wedding day deliveries on time and guide vendors in the ballroom.
  • Oversee all the menu and commencement of service
  • Location of selfie station, table for artists & painters, wedding guest book, message boards, perfume bar
  • Prepare wedding hall for entrance/ Zaffa and communicate change of lighting and sound.
  • Lead the coordination of all performances and Bride Aides hostesses (if any)
  • Supervise collection and stowage of items you want to have back and rental items safely.


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